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Bringing out the best of SAP for manufacturers

eLogic enables our customers a truly unique complement of powerful native SAP capabilities that are often overlooked and under-leveraged, plus out-of-the box integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365.  See how seamless and harmonized data and transactions bring out the best of both worlds for even the most complex Sales and Service implementations.


We help you build the next generation of customer experience (CX) applications on SAP’s new cloud-based platform.  Our expertise covers the full range of CPQ functionality including sizing and selection, catalogs, configuration, pricing, recommendations, special requests, versioning, incentives, commissions, cost and margin calculations, approval workflows, visualization, proposal/contract/drawing generation, and analytics.  eLogic solutions integrate CPQ with all SAP configurators, Sales Cloud (for internal selling), Commerce Cloud (for end customer buying), custom applications, and a range of CRM applications including and Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

The new techniques and options for building CX solutions are revolutionary, and often involve strategic and technical assessment services to help our customers identify opportunities and the best places to start.  Most customers want a stepwise roadmap that takes you to an ideal future state (including S/4HANA), while continually adding value along the way.  To create individualized roadmaps requires quick understanding of each customer’s business, coupled with deep knowledge of the SAP product portfolio and development plans.  


We help complex manufacturers transition from SAP ECC to S/4HANA and fully leverage its one-of-a-kind functionality and capabilities.  If you offer configure-to-order and engineer-to-order products and services and do not yet understand what differentiates S/4HANA from ECC, which changes affect you, and why and how you should make the journey,'re not alone.  S/4HANA is a whole new ballgame.
The key innovation will be the Advanced Variant Configurator (AVC) and its related new manufacturing capabilities.  eLogic is the only SAP partner that has contributed to the AVC Customer Influence Council since it was started more than two years ago.  We regularly explain the vast solution challenges faced by complex manufacturers, and we have a front row seat to the latest innovations that SAP is continually adding to S/4HANA.  We leverage our nearly two decades of solutioning in the SAP Variant Configurator, Internet Product Configurator, and Solution Sales Configurator to help influence the SAP roadmap and customer alignment to it.  The most frequent question we get is: 'how will this or that work with S/4HANA'?  We give you definitive answers.

When you leverage AVC in combination with the new digital core in S/4HANA, there is a huge opportunity to retire substantial customizations that were required in ECC.  This is because nearly all ECC business feature sets are now included in the core and can be used in combination.  In addition, complementary applications like Product Lifecycle Costing and Visual Enterprise greatly extend solution capabilities in exciting new ways.  eLogic is working with customers to help you understand and plan your digital solution landscape.  And to keep adding business value along the way, we help customers make tactical updates in ECC now that will be fully compatible with S/4HANA later.


Dynamics 365 Integration

Ensure seamless connections for your key sales and field service data and transactions between Dynamics 365 and SAP ERP using our proprietary pre-built SynApps integration products. 

These connectors cover the full range of common master data and transaction integration tools that support end-to-end Sales and Service needs.You’ll get synchronized views into Customers, Products, Quotes, Orders, Assets, and Financials, which are the core elements of every highly functional implementation.Beyond that, we provided quick access to tools for additional objects and custom fields and/or business logic in either system.

Built on Azure Services, these applications are easy to install, highly scalable and extensible and offer the reliability you need in a key business application.These services are built to support both direct and indirect SAP access, and leverage native SAP capabilities for the core functions including pricing, configuration, and quote and order processing. 

SynApps for Sales

SynApps for Field Service

Power BI Integration

Empower end-user self-service dashboards and analytical models by integrating SAP BW to Microsoft Power BI for rich and intuitive user experiences.  Unlock the power of SAP BW without programmers and SAP technical support.

We enable business users to build comprehensive data sets that incorporate Dynamics 365, SAP, and other 3rd party sources.  Use them to develop custom analytics, machine learning and actionable insights into your business performance.  Just a few readily accessible data models include sales win rates, price analytics, product life-cycle margin analysis, and revenue enhancement opportunities.

SynApps BW to Power BI

Support & Training

We offer Flexible Support Agreements that provide the help you need from widely recognized experts without the internal headcount and technical challenges – use our experts when you need them.

Learn key implementation techniques and concepts with our proven Variant Configuration training courses.  Learn about little known features, capabilities, and techniques that can save a lot of manual effort and enhance maintenance costs.

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