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The Manufacturing Industry Accelerates Every Day.
Our Solutions Help Leaders Like You Stay Ahead.

 Today’s manufacturers are committed to using technology to change the way they do business. Our solutions make that transition successful on every level. We combine process, products and consulting into specialized solutions in four key areas—designed to solve fundamental commerce problems and empower world-class companies to reach their full potential.

Customer Engagement

Understand everything about your customers, and deliver more of what they want

Your customers expect a lot from you. They want you to anticipate their needs, deliver self-service and make every interaction feel personalized. Our customer engagement solutions tie your systems, data, and processes together to make sure every customer interaction—from the first sales call to the latest service event—is purposeful, productive, exceptional.

Actionable Insights & Predictive Analytics

Translate raw data into opportunities to propel your business forward

Stronger Customer Growth & Retention - Smarter Inventory Management - Relentless Asset Optimization.
Unlock your full potential with our suite of business intelligence and analytics solutions designed for manufacturers. We gather your data from hundreds of sources, apply machine learning to give it meaning, then visualize insights to illuminate your richest possibilities. Key indicators can flow directly to your CRM, CPQ and ERP platforms. This embedded, self-service approach makes it easy for non-experts to understand exactly what the data is saying and make right decisions.

Lifecycle & Aftermarket Services

Add value at every stage of your product lifecycle

Connected Products & Services. Remote Diagnostics. Escalating Expectations.
Your products and services are undergoing a total digital transformation. Our lifecycle and aftermarket solutions translate this change into a powerful advantage. You get real-time, 360° views into product performance, so you can anticipate maintenance needs and proactively resolve them. Equip your teams to deliver first-time fixes, identify incremental opportunities and deliver product insights that solve critical business challenges.

Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Make CPQ work harder, faster, and smarter

Your sales cycle changes every quarter. Your Configure Price Quote system needs to keep up. Regardless of software, how your CPQ is set up, presented, and integrated makes all the difference. Not only can we help you connect multiple ERPs and realize the full promise of CPQ, we tailor solutions to comprehend your latest offerings and buyer journey.


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