SAP BW to Power BI Quick Start

Access your SAP BW without constantly calling IT.

SAP BW data is often underleveraged because end users can’t easily access the data they the format or context they want...when they want it.  Performed in as little as two weeks, our SynApps™ SAP BW to Power BI Quick Start enables fast access to unlock the nuanced data in a chosen SAP BW cube by connecting it to Power BI. At the end of this engagement you will gain dynamic visualizations and insights for one SAP BW cube and a roadmap for a more comprehensive solution. Through a combination of onsite workshops and offsite development we deliver:

  • Identification of appropriate business use case and data cube
  • Installation and configuration of Azure environment and connection to the existing SAP BW infrastructure
  • Build of pilot Power BI environment
  • Development of up to five dashboard visualizations for actionable insights
  • Analytics Program Roadmap and Architecture Document
  • Playback workshop, which shows you how to use and maintain the solution

A fixed-fee engagement takes approximately two to three weeks and includes several live, highly interactive and iterative workshops with your team. 



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