Pinpoint Sales™ for Aftermarket

Are you getting your fair share of the aftermarket?

Your company is excellent at designing, manufacturing, and selling your equipment. But can you say you’ve mastered your product life cycle by taking full advantage of the aftermarket?

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Few manufacturers can. They’re often rich on data, but poor on actionable insights. They have deep and wide streams of data, but they’re not flowing to sales teams and executives in the form of easily accessible insights that are actionable. And without a clear view of the parts, equipment, and services that customers have, sales teams struggle to truly meet customer needs. 

What’s more, if you don’t know what factors are contributing to your aftermarket shortfalls – like competitive pricing, time to customer, availability, sales performance – you’re powerless to make significant improvements. Pinpoint Sales™ for Aftermarket takes these industry challenges head-on using industry domain expertise and proprietary data science to uncover your highest value opportunities, recommending the top products that each customer in your portfolio is most likely to purchase. These leads are integrated into your sales process, delivered in the Microsoft Power Platform or your existing commerce system. 


Identify what you are leaving on the table, what you aren’t selling to customers, what the competition is selling to your customers, and develop a strategy to win back your fair share of the market. We turn over the rocks, so your team can evolve from reactive to proactive sales by recommending specific products that your customers should buy from you based on hard data. Pinpoint offers a closed loop feedback system, giving leadership a clear view into performance and pointing Sales Teams to precise opportunities with a statistically high chance of converting to a sale.

Pinpoint tells you what to sell, and who to sell it to.  Watch the video below to see Pinpoint Sales™ for Aftermarket in action!

Do you want to win back your share of the aftermarket? Find out how!



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