Editable Quote Grid™

Increase your quoting functionality, flexibility, & accuracy for top-notch packaging and discounting capabilities.

The Editable Quote Grid adds a robust functional layer to quote records directly in Dynamics 365.  The Editable Quote Grid™ equips you with 9 unique discounting capabilities at the product, package, & quote level, and by dollar value, percent (%), or quote-level override. This app enables flexible package creation with product quick-add from Dynamics 365, and drag + drop sort options.  Get the right quote in front of your customers the first time, with efficient and flexible discounting, product grouping (packaging), and sorting.   

Key features include:

  • Custom Packaging to group products how your customers want to see them
  • Drag + Drop sorting for products and packages
  • Quick-add empty packages to your quote
  • Quick-add products to your quote via wildcard search
  • Override a product description specific to a given quote 
  • Flexible Discount Types by: dollar value, percent (%), or override
  • Multiple Discount Levels by: product, package, or at the quote level 
  • Rollup discounts at the package level
  • Override price list price to a "target price" (auto-calculates the discount)
  • Auto-calculate final quote price based on input values
  • Use with validated configuration rules





See how Editable Quote Grid can help your company with a customized demo:


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