BI Quick Start

A shorter path to smarter analytics and better insight

Go from scattered data to actionable insights by taking the first step to modernize your analytics platform. Share and collaborate with any data, on any platform, from anywhere—all in one view Performed in as little as two weeks, this agile engagement creates a pilot analytics solution with dynamic Power BI dashboard visualizations. You get the insights for one business use case, plus a roadmap for a more comprehensive analytics program. Through real-time workshops conducted with your team, plus independent development at eLogic, this product delivers significant value for a fixed price.

You will soon have:

  • Identification of appropriate business use case
  • Access to and analysis of up to two data sources
  • A fully built pilot Power BI environment
  • Up to five dashboard visualizations
  • A Power BI Workspace created for you to share data and reports
  • Power BI knowledge transfer to up to ten end-users
  • Analytics Program Roadmap and Architecture Document



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