Arming the Aerospace & Defense industry with actionable insights that win.

Imagine managing a proposal with access to every piece of data in your portfolio.

Every single contract, proposal, investment, and resource across every line of business. With that kind of vantage, you could create proposals that encompass all the strengths of your organization, from maximizing the products & services you include, to the timing of workloads, and resource management.


ADvantage by eLogic is the only solution tailored for the complex proposal structure of companies in the Aerospace and Defense industry, built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Many organizations have dozens of lines business, all using their own sales and production systems, giving leaders blind spots in all directions.  We modeled ADvantage after industry best practices, enabling you to coordinate across all opportunities, programs, and strategic initiatives. Everything you need to track your proposal process is structured and at your disposal, organized by the phases, processes, and roles involved in developing winning business proposals.




ADvantage incorporates advanced analytics to help you make the best decisions that boost your bottom line, for example calculating your overall probability of winning a proposal. Those same analytical capabilities consolidate reporting, making it easier to manage the business with fewer static reports and less time wasted on recreating reports out of multiple, disparate systems throughout your various lines of business. 

Ultimately, ADvantage puts insights within immediate reach of management, who can make informed decisions because they have a 360° view of initiatives, programs, & opportunities in one environment.  ADvantage tackles the most challenging bid structures in industry, so you can sharpen focus, optimize investments, and increase win probability. 

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