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Have you ever created a material variant with the wrong configurable material? For example, you want to create material X as a variant of material Y but you specify material Z instead by mistake. Unfortunately SAP does not allow you to change the configurable material assignment after you save the material variant master. By the time you realize the mistake, it is too late to change. Or is it?

The SAP guidance on this problem is pretty grim. You may be able to archive the incorrect plant view (or not) and then recreate it. SAP correctly states that changing the configurable material assignment for a material variant can cause severe database inconsistencies. But what if you catch the mistake early (before any or many transactions have been performed for that material variant)?

We have seen several solutions to this problem. The most common is probably just abandoning the material. This is far from an ideal solution. There are usually ways to fix this problem, but they often require direct database updates. For this reason, I will not publish such a solution because if used without proper care, much bigger problems could be created. If you ever run into this problem and are looking for a fix, please give us a call.

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