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Answer your executive-level questions about configuration needs, best practices, and how to avoid common mistakes.  Learn from a case study about Digital Transformation at Grundfos, and what factors are critical to a successful digital strategy and conversion to SAP VC/IPC.


  Title: Configuration for (VIP) Dummies

  Presenter:  Lawrence Matusek | Chief Technology Officer, eLogic


Session Description: Configuration is often perceived as complex and isn't well understood, even in organizations that use it. This session answers executive questions such as who needs configuration, how do leading companies use it, what mistakes are often made, and where to start. See interesting use cases for common needs like guided selling and kitting. If you feel there must be a better way to sell, make, and manage data for your products and services, then this presentation will help to prove you right.

Date: Tuesday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM S331C (South Concourse, Level 3)

Session ID: CPQ7441

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  Title: Digital Transformation at Grundfos  

  Presenter: Patrick Latour | eLogic, Solution Delivery Manager


Session Description:
What does it take to unify a global company’s knowledge and assets into a single digital platform?  In short, leadership, strategic planning, documented designs and processes, tools, communication, and TESTING.  Challenges and pitfalls abound especially when converting data, rules, and functionality from an existing configurator to SAP VC / IPC .  Hear about lessons learned and successful strategies. We will summarize the key challenges and obstacles encountered and how to navigate through them.

Date: Thursday 12:30 PM - 01:30 PM S331C (South Concourse, Level 3)

Session ID: CPQ7296

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